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Michelle Johns

Best Selling Author

About Michelle Johns

I am a writer, entrepreneur, musician, worship leader, and so much more. However, my passion has always been writing. I would sit and read the book of Psalms as a little girl because I was in awe of the way David spoke of God. I had a desire to know God. Throughout my journey, I have had many challenges in society as a whole. As an out lesbian, I have never compromised my position, nor have I ever been ashamed or afraid of being who I am. I have accomplished the highest level of peace and transparency with God, and my purpose in life is to make that connection known to those that are suffering inside of the culturally created prison of unworthiness. I am fearless in my love for God, and I authentically present myself to the world because of the confidence GOD has given me. For this opportunity to share my story, I am grateful for the freedom to write. ​ Growth is inevitable with sustained self-awareness. I am excited to share my experiences through writing to tell my story, and I hope to provide a safe space for others to think critically about how society lacks fundamental empathy for the LGBTQIA community as a whole. My overall perception of God has come from what I've observed throughout my life in the Black Church and the personal encounters I've had with God. Others have had the same experiences, and this is my attempt to begin to gather together the evidence of God's love for ALL people.

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Michelle's  First Sermon

Notebook and Pen

Michelle's First Book

July 26, 2020

Check out the latest work by Michelle Johns. God, A Lesbian and the Space in Between. After years of seeking the heart of God, this book is the outcome.

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