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The Uninvited

As a professional, I've experienced extreme discrimination while working in the corporate structure. As an out black lesbian, my sexuality was most prominent because I'm not a feminine presenting woman. For as long as I can remember, I've been a tomboy. However, no matter where I worked, I was a top performer professionally because I'm in constant competition with myself. What I found to be the most interesting is this. While working in corporate America, as a more masculine-presenting lesbian, the discrimination I'd received had no boundaries. Surprisingly, I received the worst treatment from heterosexual women minorities. 
In the book, The Uninvited, I define through my experiences, the absence of protective measures for the "More masculine Lesbian" protected class. Unfortunately, we have yet to be considered a "protected" pool because of inadequate treatment. This book will walk you through the process taken to acquire legal advice and the effects this treatment had on my health. 

Coming Mid 2021


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