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Dear God

Dear God,

This morning I was motivated to go public with our relationship as if I haven't already done so. You are my oldest and dearest friend. It is an overwhelming experience to think back on all the things you've walked me through. You've taught me to live without shame and a life without shame is the greatest gift you could've given me. I have no shame because I know how to recognize you in every situation. The lessons I've learned have been treasure hunts you initiated for me. And no matter the challenge, I have conquered so much with you.

I would get up each morning with anxiety 1000 men would crumble underneath. However you sustained me. You kept me when I couldn't keep myself. You've hidden me behind your heart so many times just to feel your warmth when I was alone. My God. My friend. How could I ever deny you? How can I ever repay you? Life has no meaning without the recognition of you. Anything that I put my mind to do, you provide whatever thing necessary for me to finish with excellence. Thus, my faith is unwavering because I have always recognized your persistent presence.

Understanding who you are has led me to the reality of who I am. I am weakened at the thought of you, God. My heart collapses with every moment of freedom that your spirit provides. You've even taught me how to weather any season with passion and a desire to grow. You've affirmed me beyond my own comprehension because you never allow me to fail. Speak to my heart as if we've only spoken for the first time. Please continue to answer me as if I'm your only child. Your love gives me the perspective necessary to live in peace and honesty. There is nothing that will compare to your face. You show your face to me in my dreams and in the joy I have daily. It's because of you that nothing has ever soiled my happiness, no matter how severe the impact and nothing ever will. Teach me how to live in the love you created for me. My only desire is that others experience what I experience in and with you: unconditional and unbreakable connection and friendship.

You were with me in the past, you are with me now, and you will be with me in the days to come. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. All my heart belongs to only you because you are my most consistent love. You have proven yourself to me so many times I can't be without you. I don't want to exist without the ability to recognize you, God. Thank you for healing me and thank you for restoration. I am not afraid of any low place because you will never leave me. I am not afraid of high places because I will never leave you, no matter what. I no longer feel as though I must prove my worth because you see it. Most of all, you've helped me to see that there is nothing wrong with who I am entirely. My heart is braided into yours, and we are one. I will never take my exposure to you lightly, and I will always respect all that you've created with the greatest reverence. You've taught me how to look at people through the eyes of my experience with you. Yes, you love everyone just as much as you love me. What type of love is this? It's a miracle that I can articulate that love and see you in every person I encounter.

Whatever it is that you want from me, I'll do. If you want to talk at 4 am, I'll wake up with cheer. If you want me to give my favorite sweater off my back to the homeless man at the light standing in 17-degree weather, I will. If you call me, I will answer. You are my God. My own personal addiction with an unlimited supply. There will never be a greater love than this.

With Gratitude, Michelle.

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