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God Was Pleased With Himself

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Genesis 1:31 (GNT)

God looked at everything he had made, and he was very pleased. Evening passed and morning came…that was the sixth day.

What if God gave you the ability to look at the things you create and judge them appropriately. All our lives we are taught to seek the approval of others. Mommy, take a look at what I did. Daddy, aren't you proud of me? In turn, if we have a negative support system, we will attract what produced us as opposed to producing what's naturally inside. The need or a lack of the approval of others creates the course of one's life. As human beings, we are most motivated by what pleases us. Hearing the affirmation of others is a pleasure that we learn in childhood. However, it can turn in to extreme toxicity in adulthood if there is a lack of balance with self-awareness.

I've always dismissed this scripture because I never understood it. That's the beauty in art (the bible is a work of art); there are so many different ways to interpret. Then there's the beauty of experience, which can be interdimensional. Here's an example; you can hate and love a person at the same time. Timing determines what we perceive. At different times in our lives, we could be more willing to see the bad in a person even though there is still good in the person. But what is the gauge to determine which experience is most true?

When God created the heavens and earth, creation began with an idea. Let us…make…. I've often wondered who this "us" was alongside God while the universe was in the process of creation. I did a little research and found this to be interesting. There are several places where God uses the word Us when He decides to interact with humanity. The word "Elohim" represents the plurality of God in His ability to do all things. The Hebrew language calls this "Law of Majestic Plurality or the "Rule of Plural Majesty". (Us and Our-Elohim Elder S.D Ashe)

However, I've thought of this idea for over 15 years, and I think I have a perspective of my own. I believe the "Us" God speaks of in this instance represent all the components of Himself necessary to the task. But I also believe that included in "us", is God's word. Isaiah 55:11 states "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." This leads me to the conclusion that the only element God needed to accomplish any and everything was His word. One definition in Webster defines it as such.

Word: Promise, declaration

Word: used to express an agreement

The process of creation manifested faith. God spoke a declaration over empty space, and God and His word held up their end of the deal. If what God said to Himself was required to happen, His word (whatever He says) holds up even in spaces where nothing exists. One of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 40:8: The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Think about the power in our own words. There has always been power in what we say. Does this mean that our words have just as much power as the words God speaks as well? If we were created in the likeness and image of God, then yes. When we have an idea, and we verbalize that idea our commitment is required. However, whatever word we speak will manifest. It's not the person speaking the word; it's the power in a word (declaration) that produces. This would explain why there is so much toxicity in families and our culture, to begin with. We don't experience a peaceful flow of life because we are irresponsible with the power we have in what we say. However, creation was the measurement provided to introduce us to the power in our word by our creator. Nevertheless, God was committed to what He said would happen. Therefore, a lack of commitment to what we say in terms of creating what we were meant to create provides the foundation for the limited human experience. The reason why the word of God will never fail and will endure forever is simple. When God says something, God plans to follow through with what He said.

I recently recorded a YouTube video expressing the gratitude I had for myself once I really sat down and looked over all the things I'd been through in my life over the past three years. No matter the process, I was so proud of myself for the decisions I'd made. Knowing that I included God along the way on most decisions, especially the decisions that didn't only involve myself, was refreshing. I've even learned to look at the decisions that weren't so good with gratitude as well because I understand that I am becoming what God said I would be. However, there is significant satisfaction when I complete something I create. I believe that creation was an idea expressed manifesting all things, simply generated by the word of God. Let…..there…….be, and there was because God committed to it. The ability of God to separate His (word) promise from Himself into US is unfathomable. So essentially, all we truly need is commitment to the things we say we are going to do. If you look at a person who accomplishes something great, they do so with complete certainty. Often, megastars had the idea of who they'd become at a young age. Thus, their ideas became manifest over time through commitment. I believe we are most like our creator when we take our ideas, cultivate, and commit to them. We can do anything we set our minds to.

Can you imagine the amount of time God had to endure time to see His word accomplished? So we must be prepared to pay the toll of time to achieve greatness. But the piece de resistance was this. God was pleased with Himself. Pure confidence and pride in His own accomplishment. The greatest production comes from the person who trusts his/her own instincts during the process of creation. All God had was an idea and an agreement. Let US make, and that was the beginning of faith. The earth is waiting on the manifestation of man, but man is too concerned about what others think of his/her creation before it is produced. We've got to learn to be unconditional in our agreement with God to manifest what's inside of us. No matter what happens, no matter who disagrees with whatever it is you find your hands to do….finish it. Think about it; there is no definite answer to how long it took creation to evolve.

Some scientists say it took over 10 million years to make relatively minor changes and no scientist has been able to explain the process of creation. Can you imagine what it took for God to get to the point where He was pleased with His own work? Even before it was finished or before the work completely evolved, He was pleased with Himself. Confidence is the manifested reflection of God's perception of us. When we walk in confidence, we only do so when we've gone through the necessary steps in preparation and instinctual decisions made with just God and ourselves alone. Because we are creators, we must exist within a space that constantly feeds our faith, or we won't finish what we start.

The reason God doesn't need faith is that the vision of God exists outside of time. Because God's sight is not restrained by time, when God creates a thing, He knows its end. He is the Alpha and Omega.

Faith was born because of the limitations time provided the vision of humanity. Thus the mystery of how we will accomplish a thing restricts our acceptance of a task without assurance. We have to be pleased with the things we create and accomplish in life, but we can only do so through faith. Why does a mother continue to wake up every morning at 2 am no matter what happens to take care of a newborn baby? Where does she find the strength? Because of experience, she knows that the baby will eventually (eventually=a knowing beyond our present experience in time) be able to sleep through the nite, so she presses on and accomplishes what needs to be done with her own creation. How could Michael Jordan continue to practice after being rejected so many times? His belief in what he could accomplish….an idea….was stronger than his experience. His faith was as large as his perception of the idea of greatness. Once we decide to do something, I mean truly decide, nothing will stop us if the idea is deep enough in our vision.

Now, when I begin a journey towards creating something I'm passionate about, I think of how God was pleased with His own ability to create. If what we create is just a portion of the beauty inside of us, can you imagine how beautiful God is? If the Universe is a mere painting of the splendor of God, all faith should resurrect at the sight of everything in front of us a new every morning. If we could only truly see the beauty of God in all its fullness, we would see ourselves differently because we are the reflection of God. Now, all I need is an idea. Once I understand and commit to creating, I push for the opportunity to be proud of my accomplishments. What we do is never for anyone else's approval or praise. Vision slowly deteriorates when you allow what others think of your creation to become your entire experience. God only had His word (commitment) and an idea. John 1:1 (NIV) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2. He was with God in the beginning. The word of God is so powerful that the perception of his word manifested into a physical form….He was with God in the beginning. The only companion you'll ever need in your creative process is your word. Follow the example of God and speak your vision out loud, commit to it, and be proud of your work once it's finished.

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