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Now Faith

If you’ve ever started something, you know the value of a NOW moment better than a person who hasn’t. Often times when we are admonished to do or become something, many times our idea of the final product becomes the focus. However, I believe our focus should perpetually obsess over why. A destination means nothing without reason. What motivates a mother to continue loving her child in the early hours of the morning? She comforts her child, feeds the child, and makes sure the baby is satisfied and cared for. What makes us push beyond the NOW moments when little strength remains? The reason why she got out of bed was love. That’s a mother's why.

A now moment in our journey is the debt we pay for the destination. At times, now moments are heavy with grief or our journey lacks comfort. Thus, our thoughts become surrounded by endless possibilities of failure and regret. When in fact, we need to govern our thoughts throughout the journey. This will be the most arduous task. Why, because thoughts can’t be trusted. A thought is nothing but a combination of experiences we’ve seen and had ourselves over time. Often times we get discouraged because of what we’ve experienced. However, a journey towards the creation of any sort will lack the necessary awareness to create with certainty and ease. The uncertainty is like a poison that could kill the motivation behind why we started in the first place. And in the end, we will always find that our thoughts weren’t even a part of the journey, but negative thoughts are tests that seek to unveil pure potential. When you measure a journey against personal experience, negative thoughts incur without fail. I believe they incur as a form of protection. Protection from failure, embarrassment, pain or excessive vulnerability. Fear is a natural response that needs correction with our why in constant focus. Once I understood this concept, I realized that my now moments shouldn’t be filled with personal data but hope and education.

Let's face it, once we decide to go forward with something, that leap is the bravest thing any of us could ever do. Therefore, let’s take a moment to sit in your coronation of Faith. And because you had enough courage to stand up and walk towards a decision, that is the greatest act of Faith. One must understand that the very act of standing to move towards a goal is often done without resources available at that moment. With action and perseverance, the necessary resources appear because our actions are the manifestation of our Faith. Thus, while on your journey your now moments need to be reminded of the reason you started. Here are some examples of my now moments. It might help to put things into perspective.

When I started my business in 2017, I decided to never work for anyone again. I didn’t know if it would work, but I thought it was possible. That single idea-initiated action would lead me to where I am today. While I am not where I am headed, I also am not where I began. My now moments were and still are frequent. Now moments are temporary events that are necessary to reach your goals. Now moments order each step we take by providing the series of thoughts necessary to make the right choices. So don’t discount your now moments; become more aware of them.

Now moment: I don’t have the certifications for a different part of the business I want to grow.

Now moment: I don’t have the outcome of a client’s decision.

Now moment: I haven’t received the phone call I was waiting on.

Now moment: My life isn’t filled with the same comfort I once had before I decided to be a business owner.

Before I published my book, there were so many now moments that I had to work through to finish. But I reminded myself of the reason I started in the first place. God told me to do it. Because my heart is passionate for God, I wrote and made it through every now moment with this phrase. Now FAITH. For years I’ve heard many sermons on this saying. But I applied it differently to my own life. Whenever I have a now moment, I immediately say the word Faith. It didn’t matter how hard it was to write the book because Faith was present in every now moment. Faith is deciding to believe that the outcome ahead is for your good.

If you have several jobs offers lined up and are unsure of which job to take. Now (deciding that you will make the right decision) Faith put parameters in motion around your decision. Talk to a therapist or a close friend. Maybe even write down all the pros and cons of each job. Now (deciding to believe) Faith rids anxiety immediately. Now Faith is freeing because it is a portable perspective that can be applied to any situation. Suppose you have a sick loved one and are tormented at the thought of loss, NOW (I choose to believe that everything will work out for the best) FAITH. Believing that God has your best interest at heart in all things will separate your pain from the inevitability of sickness and death.

Now, without Faith, is an isolated event that is far from your healthiest emotional and spiritual self. Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. (Heb 11:1) So no matter what's in front of me NOW, my why (why I started) is the mother of Faith and time is the seed to the desired outcome. Practice countering every now moment with Faith and watch your entire life change. It’s the only way we will ever become what we were meant to be.

Now Faith.

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