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Resistance of Pain=Entitlement

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Over time I’ve experienced many uncomfortable things. As a part of the human experience, we all will endure the same emotions and responses as everyone else. However, a marginalized mentality creates a barrier between uncomfortable experiences, which are necessary to define who we are and what the world is to us. Consider a baby who will walk through many lessons and uncomfortable seasons that result in knowledge. We all, at some point or another, have experienced things that were unfortunate, unsavory, unkind, and much more. However, when these things happen to us, how we respond defines who we are. We are not our content (what happens to and around us). (Sidha Guru) The mind collects experiences, and categorically stores them as memories. The heart and soul of mankind, after obtaining knowledge, creates perception from every experience. This mechanism was created in us in order to build and survive. We were created to keep trying to get the round ball into a square peg until we LEARN that it will never fit. The greatest accommodation we make to failure is a lack of decision. A decision is a direction in which we learn because we can’t learn until we reach a choice.

So why then do we avoid pain, frustration, complicated entanglements, and so much more. I believe we resist the very things necessary for growth because we have no faith, and our society has created the belief that we are entitled to all things. A baby is the greatest example of faith. This is why children seem to love their parents more when they’re younger than the logic acquired over time that creates a different perception of our parents. They have faith in their mother or father because they don’t have anything else to distract them from the way they love their parents. The logic begins to develop the photograph of who our parents truly are, and our perception of them changes from the heart the mirage we once had of ignorant love unobscured. A childlike love creates a dependency necessary for survival in our youth.

Our parents, then, provide the knowledge needed for our survival. This is where we learn things we don’t like to do or things we like to do. But as we age, we respond to things differently according to the knowledge we attain. For example, when I was younger, my dad tried teaching us how to swim. My brother was afraid because he had no experience with water. He would cry hysterically when my father would tell him to jump in the water, but he didn’t have faith in my father’s ability to protect him at that moment. We need failure to perfect ourselves. We need experience in order to expand our most marketable resource, our love. But entitlement keeps us in a resistant disposition to learning what is truly necessary. Entitlement creates confirmation bias, thus preventing us from truly experiencing an event with raw honesty. As a result, our emotional posture cant truly prepare for the impact of knowledge and experience causing greater discomfort because we reach for (human confirmation) validation more than we search for God.

When we embrace the uncomfortable thing, we rid ourselves of an entitled spirit. Over the years, I’ve found the MOST truth in facing things that are uncomfortable. I sit in front of these things, and I define them through prayer. I ask God to define me (what He sees’s in me) amid my emotions while walking through uncomfortable things. Each time I face the uncomfortable, I am empowered. Why? Because my response is faith. No matter how difficult a situation is, I always end up with an experience that resulted in pure victory. And the cognitive dissonance in the way others define what I go through or experience has become like a feather in the wind. It has no true position in how God and I define my situation. And here’s the thing, only you and God can define what victory looks like. God cant be contained in the similarity of our experiences, but Gods truth is defined within our diversity. Amid every weapon formed against me, I got close to it because I am unashamed of failure. I don’t believe God will provide answers without interactive intentions to learn the lesson, no matter the cost. The lesson is where wealth exists. There is no greater peace than knowing I will get through EVERYTHING I confront. This is where I replace the God of fear for the Prince of Peace. I’ve always known and understood that nothing would separate me from the love of God. And no, that’s not religious, that’s experience. I don’t ascribe to any religion as the one true faith because no religion has been successful at labeling God.

Local pain is the hardest because you don’t expect it. But I refuse to be imprisoned by fear of the uncomfortable. I am not perfect; no one is. This is where I find the most hope in my own imperfections. Decisiveness outweighs perfection any day! Why, because He will perfect those things concerning me, intentional faith. I am not afraid of being attacked or talked about because I am more than any one's definition of who they think I am. People normally try and define you based on their own characteristics, especially the negative ones. However, no one can truly know all of me or you but God. Therefore, this takes away the need for any expectations. Understanding who I am (constantly because we are constantly in the mode of change) and the process of wisdom is key. Once you understand that God is alive in you, then what could ever truly destroy you? What could ever cause you to drown? Now, when I’m dealing with something really hard, I remember to be as childlike as I can in the way I trust God, and that gives me the courage to jump. My brother taught me a valuable lesson while learning how to swim. Trust is the only key that opens your faith in God. I must jump in whenever God gives me the OK because even if I miss the mark, God will always catch me. Mistakes are the foundation of every proven theory deduced by humanity. Mistakes are one of Gods ways to release wisdom and knowledge throughout humanity for its evolution.

We need faith in order to expand into the purpose God has called us towards, and that purpose may require discomfort. Every tear, every broken heart, every disappointment, or any other uncomfortable thing is an entitled response creating resistance to a necessary process to evolve mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The curse of entitlement is a recessive disposition throughout a lifetime if not addressed. Have you ever looked at a person and thought, 20 or 30 years later….that person is in the same space they were in years ago. They’ve got the same attitude, the same complaints, the same toxic outlook on life. Why? Because the motivation of entitlement is an intentional resistance to discomfort and lack of faith when confronted with the uncomfortable thing. Fortunately, the uncomfortable can be redefined with a perception of faith. Discomfort often results in glory, expertise, graceful disposition towards all people, spiritual wealth, and so much more. Entitlement despises the day of small beginnings. It believes things should be given without cost, as opposed to experienced and understood with the cost of being present, mind, body, and spirit in every season. Entitlement can’t see that it will be worth it in the end because it only seeks comfort at the moment. Faith is not necessary within the realms of entitlement because it is a self-seeking attempt to sustain comfort. And anytime self is before all other things, it becomes hard to accomplish true connection with anyone or anything.

Faith is the substance (the actions, the intentions, the preparations, the evolution of purpose) of all things and the evidence (peace while walking through fire, understanding after mistakes, grace towards others because you remembered that God gave you time to learn too) of things not seen. It is not a coincidence that the Pioneers who exist today and have gone on to be with God have all had similar experiences. They kept going even when there was no support or available resources. You couldn’t tell them they wouldn’t succeed because they were faithful in resisting entitlement. In this way, they are most like the child that JUMPS…..into the water their father calls them towards because they know that He will catch them. And once they reach their purpose (knowledge obtained from every experience), they become entitled to everything they’ve worked hard for because God’s reward is true awareness of yourself. What dreams may come from the spaces we choose to release entitlement and press past our desire for comfort and experiences without pressure. The curse of entitlement limits the vernacular necessary for our spirits to be fruitful and multiply faith in the earth. Every human being is a seed of God to develop the story of humanity's endless expansion towards the heart of God.

Miracles exist to awaken faith within humanity, but miracles aren’t happening anymore because no one is walking through uncomfortable spaces intentionally.Everyone is entitled to the ease of life.That’s why churches, nowadays, have long services where prophets prophesy the entire service on Sunday mornings.Entitlement.God will give YOU. God will bless YOU, God will provide YOU….What about God will teach you so that you can teach others and make institutions better?Knowledge is our most powerful commodity. The curse of entitlement is like a drought to farmers.Nothing grows, things standstill, and eventually, the space created by entitlement becomes unsuitable for inhabiting any seed.

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